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Welcome to 'The Inspired'

We are a WoE, PVP, and Farming guild. People who join this guild will know that this is a great place to make friends and know they will learn something new every day by fellow guildies. We are a melting pot of countries, so no matter the time, there should always be somebody online to assist you, or just to chat with.

We have a Ventrilo Server as well.

Hostname/IP :
Port: 23507
No Password for now.

Right now the slots are up to 10 people. If we end up more active with Ventrilo people, I have no problem with buying a larger amount of slots.

Remember to check the forums and announcements. :)
Guild News    

Guild Leader Taking a Hiatus

Doomtim, Apr 19, 11 1:28 PM.
Hey guys, my life has come to a point where I've become extremely overwhelmed with college and work. I've become excessively late to my jobs and I've grown slight chest pains over anxiety. I'll come back soon, but since these finals are coming up within the next 2 weeks, I've become way too overwhelmed and stressed. Shout or comment on this news article and I'll bump someone up to guild leader. I WILL BE BACK - DO NOT WORRY

Nothing Important, Just Showing Some Guildies Some Clothes I'm Gonna Buy

Doomtim, Apr 17, 11 11:48 AM.


Doomtim, Apr 13, 11 11:57 AM.
I've given some people in the guild a task, to translate important news and other things on this site for those who cannot understand English very well. Currently, Benedict (Benny banana) will be translating English to Chinese. I will be asking for fluent Tagalog as well. If anyone is interested in translating English to Tagalog, Please let me know in game or add into the comment box.

This isn't a free translation since it will be taking your time and effort into making this guild better for everyone from any country. So you will be paid in credits.

I will be trying to find convenient external links hopefully so you can just click the link and read what we are saying, so it doesn't take up so much space.

Thank you everyone,

Doomtim - Son of Achilles

Day 1 of 'The Inspired'

Doomtim, Apr 11, 11 2:53 AM.
This is pretty epic, fellas. Let's get this guild rollin off to a good start. We will be planning events shortly to build up our community, and to build up our guild level.
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We are recruiting anyone that wishes to join the guild for our community,friendship, and fun. Do not recruit someone who may seem to be a beggar. They will be dealt with swiftly.
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